The Hague Relocation has a long history of relocating employees from abroad to the Netherlands and specialises in housing expatriates and their families.

We have built up a strong working relationship with all the relevant Dutch institutions and our ever-expanding list of contacts. We understand that adjusting to a new country can be very demanding and unnerving, sometimes involving quite a cultural shock. We are here to assist in making your move as painless as possible. We guarantee excellent service and high quality expertise.

Our primary aim is to make you feel at home in the shortest possible time.

The Hague Relocation has the skills, knowledge and time dedicated to providing you with all the services you will need now and in the future.


About Heleen van Dorp

Providing complete property relocation services for corporate and individual clients who are contemplating a move to the Netherlands.

Heleen was born and raised in The Hague. She comes from a family of Real Estate & Property Rental Agents. She has spent most of her adult life working in this sector. In 1995 she moved to London and later to Switzerland and now speaks fluent English and passable German. While in Switzerland she also became experienced in the specialist business of property relocation for both corporate executives and private clients. She returned to the Hague in 2000 from when she has worked as a real estate broker and relocation facilitator and now enjoys the challenge and combination of both these skills.

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